Elon Musk Tweets says Experience: what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted

On Nov 21st, Elon Must tweeted saying that Experience: what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted – Igor

Not sure why did elon must tweeted this but elon has been very busy tweeting on twitter on different aspects, making funny tweets, some serious comments, some senseless tweets so we are not exactly what the new Meme lord meant by this.

But we will try to understand this line tweeted by elon musk.

Experience: what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted

We often think of experience as something that happens to us, something that we go through. But sometimes, experience is what we get when things don’t go according to plan. 

When we don’t get what we wanted, we may not get the outcome we were hoping for. But if we’re open to it, we can still gain valuable insights and lessons. 

For example, imagine you’re planning a trip to see a concert. You buy tickets well in advance, but then the day of the concert arrives and you find out that the band has canceled. It’s disappointing, to be sure. 

But instead of wallowing in your disappointment, you could take this opportunity to explore the city you’re in. You could visit a museum or go for a walk in a park you’ve never been to before. In other words, you could turn a negative experience into a positive one. 

Of course, not all experiences are created equal. Some experiences are definitely more worthwhile than others. But even if an experience doesn’t seem valuable at first, it might still teach you something important. 

So next time something doesn’t go according to plan, try to keep an open mind and see what experience you can gain from it.

So thats exactly what Elon meant that means take experience when things go south and always have a positive mindset that you gained something from that bad results!

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